InovCluster – Agroindustrial Cluster Association of the Centre of Portugal has its head office in the Agrofood Technological Support Center, in Castelo Branco and aims to contribute to the affirmation of the Centro Region of Portugal, at a national and international level. For this, we create a network between the main actors of this sector to support companies in its innovation process, R&DT, technology transfer, training, development of new products, services and processes, marketing and internationalization.

At this moment, InovCluster has 181 members, of which 147 companies, and entities as associations/ cooperatives, higher education institutions, R&DT institutions linkage to the agroindustrial and agrofood sector, and some city councils.

InovCluster’s member benefits from services of the several strategic units: + Cooperation, + MoneyFall, + Financing + Incentives, + Entrepreneurship, +R&DT +Innovation, + Communication and + Internationalization, described attached.

We think that being part of this network is an opportunity for any company of agroindustrial sector, so if you are interested in joining us, you can send us this intention filling in the documents attached. Your intention will be submitted by the Direction Board to the General Assembly of Associates, which by a two-thirds majority, deliberate the inclusion, or not, in the network of InovCluster’s members.

The amount of the entry fee is € 50 and is paid in the year of membership.

The value of the quota, to be paid only from the second year of inclusion, varies according to the type of entity:


Company Associations/
Education Institutions

City Councils

Small-Sized Medium-Sized Big-Sized        
AMOUNT 150€ 200€ 250€ 200€ 250€ 350€ 350€

We always suggest a first meeting with us to have a mutual presentation and to evaluate the possible forms of partnership, which can be scheduled if you contact us through the following contacts: (+351) 272 349 100 or