Company: Traditional sausage processing company made of handmade form and always within all standards of quality and safety in terms of hygiene and human health. The way the meat is processed is derived from a family recipe that is more than 75 years old, through a careful selection of the meat, a mixture of garlic vine and a noble smoke of holm-wood.

Products: Alheira de peru, turkey chorizo, beef chorizo, chorizo ​​sausage, blood sausage, turkey ham, turkey sausage, turkey breast with asparagus, turkey breast with aromatic herbs, turkey breast with peppers, salpicão turkey, smoked belly, onion chorizo, loin salmon, among many other products.

Trademarks: Quinta dos Fumeiros; Fumeiros Campelo.

Address: Rua de Souto nº 129 4990-680 Poiares

Phone: (+351) 258 763 766