Company: Quinta da Cerdeira, in the Serra da Estrela, Portugal, produces handcrafted according to an ancestral recipe with more than 18 centuries. This mythical recipe, unanimously considered as the “authentic” recipe of the Cheese of the Sierra harmonizes with wise mastery the pure sheep’s milk of the indigenous bordel race, salt and the thistle flower. In 50 days the cheese is “cured” being washed and cared for all this time in order to allow all its unique gastronomic characteristics to develop fully. Each copy is a single piece and only reaches the consumer after undergoing a strict quality control. Thus, traditional art combines the rigor of modern sanitary food standards.

Products: Cheese from Serra and Requeijão

Info: Has an innovative cheese in shape, is triangular

Address: Estrada da Quaresma, nº5 – Maceira, 6270-212 Santiago, Seia

Phone: (+351) 238 390 017

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