InovCluster – Associação do Cluster Agroindustrial do Centro, has ceded in the CATAA – Centro de Apoio Tecnológico Agro Alimentar, building. Their aims to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of local and regional production systems and to the affirmation of the Central Region of Portugal at the national level and international. For this happen, it establishes a platform for concertation among the main players in this sector and it supports companies in innovation processes, R&DT, knowledge transfer, training, communication and internationalization.

It has at present 181 associates, of which 147 are companies, and entities such as Associations / Cooperatives, Higher Education Institutions, R & D institutions linked to the agribusiness and agri-food sector and several cities council in the Portugal Centre Region.

InovCluster has been supported by the City Council of Castelo Branco.

To be recognized at the national and international level as a Cluster of Excellence, capable of making a decisive contribution to ensuring that the Central Region asserts itself at the national, Iberian and European levels as a leading territory in the agri-food sector, supported by the singularity and quality of its agri-resources and their products.

To act as a dynamic platform for the agri-food sector of the Central Region, reinforcing initiatives and services in the areas of Research, Development and Innovation, Internationalization and Training of the business community, working closely and benefiting from the skills and resources available to the remaining reference actors in the Region.